Manchester based Yemi Bolatiwa is a multi-faceted vocalist that knows no musical boundaries, which proves her an amazing asset to the Dope Ammo Label.

Born in London, the 25 year old singer’s style is heavily influenced by 90’s RnB/Soul, which is evident when listening to her bass-heavy drum & bass track with Dope Ammo- “Feel The Desire”. The video for this track was filmed at the notorious Boomtown Fair and you can see the amazing reception that the crowd gives, first hand.

She has also featured on popular underground tracks from UK Hip-Hop artist ‘Potent Whisper’, their chilled, soulful collaboration was released in 2013 and was produced by STG. In addition to this Yemi also laid down vocals for Josh Butler’s 2015 release, “Miss You”. The track was a part of Butler’s “Rebirth” EP on Lost Records, “Miss You” also received a remix by House and Techno duo Leftwing & Kody.

The singer is also a part of a Seven piece Manchester based band called Pareidolia which plays an eclectic selection of blues, soul, drum & bass, 2-Step and breaks. The band can be found playing around the bustling Manchester pub and club scene.

Furthermore as part of Dope Ammo Live, her love for soul, reggae and drum & bass is combined, adding a feminine lift to the big bassline stabbing heavy sounds of Dope Ammo. All this talent combined ensures that anyone lucky enough to find themselves at a Dope Ammo live event will have a night they will struggle to forget. As part of DA Live she appeared on stage at Nass festival for an amazing set that solidified her position in the live group.

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