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Tramadol Online American Express - Order Tramadol From Thailand


This release contains the following tracks.

1.Dope Ammo – Wishin’ On A Star (Jungle Evolution)
2.Dope Ammo – Wishin’ On A Star (Jungle Evolution) (Dub)
3. Dope Ammo – Wishin’ On A Star (Jungle Evolution)

SKU: JUNGEV Category: Cheapest Tramadol Cod


Order now for your chance to get hold of ‘Wishin’ On A Star’ 5 days before general release.

Dope Ammo goes back to his roots with a brand new take on the 1977 smash by Rose Royce ‘Wishing on a Star’. This time around though, the vocals have been totally reworked by Rio Hellyer, providing an excellent platform for this subliminal slice of upfront jungle. Rather than adopting his previous production stance of rough and tough drum and bass, Dope Ammo draws for that ’94 influence combining rolling breakbeats, darkside bass and melodic synths for a breathtaking dance floor weapon!


download format

wav, zip