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Tracks featured are

  1. I’m Good – Dope Ammo Kathy Brown & Wyld Child Ft Frenic (Danny Wav RMX)
  2. I’m Good – Dope Ammo Kathy Brown & Wyld Child Ft Frenic (Man Without A Clue Radio RMX)
  3. I’m Good – Dope Ammo Kathy Brown & Wyld Child Ft Frenic (Man Without A Clue Extended RMX)
  4. I’M Good – Dope Ammo Kathy Brown & Wyld Child Ft Frenic (Liquid RMX)

All tracks are .wav format.

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House music legend Kathy Brown is back and has a been working on a series of collaborations with Drum and Bass DJ / producer Dope Ammo for his forthcoming album “INFLUENCE”

They have fused Dope Ammo’s exceptional production skills with Kathy’s incredible vocal talents and come with a unique Funk/Hip-Hop fusion sound that is completely fresh for summer 2018 !!

Check out their first collaboration and second single taken from Dope Ammo’s album “I’M GOOD” featuring US rapper Wyld Child!

The Remixes are now also available with reworks from Danny Wav, Man Without A Clue and Liquid.

These mixes have already been heavily featured in sets all over the world along with mainstream radio play.

download format