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Czech Republic Crew – Dope Ammo + Dope Ammo Worldwide

Tramadol India Online

Dope Ammo is back in the Czech Republic at Jump Or D1e VOL.3  19/03/2017 – Marly CLUB, Ostrava, CZ Playing along side members of Dope Ammo Worldwide this is an event not to be missed if your in the area! Dope Ammo has been working on a set that will be packed with exclusives and will be pure fire! Check out the link below for more information. Big Up Event...
FREE Download – Dope Ammo “Dub Be Good”

Tramadol Mastercard Fedex

Time for another FREE download from Dope Ammo HQ. This time the club smasher “Dub Be Good” With almost 19K plays on SoundCloud its safe to say people are loving this bootleg of the 1990 Beats International classic “Dub Be Good To Me” This goes off in every club its played in and now its yours for FREE. Check out the comments from some of the games biggest DJ’s…. Nicky Blackmarket “Sounding Good!!” Logan D “Wicked on the download” Roni Size ” Spectacular” Kenny Ken “Good Release” Drumsound + Bassline Smith “Wicked” DOWNLOAD...
Dope Ammo Junglist Villain T Shirt Design Comp

Cheap Tramadol Mastercard

Dope Ammo are looking for designers to come up with our next T Shirt design and we want to see if there is anyone out there who might be up for the challenge?   We want it to be based on the Junglist Villain concept (See dropbox link for images) The design must be original and free from copyright.   Ideally a black T Shirt but if the design transfers to white then we may also run a white T.   It would need to include the DA logo and the Junglist Villain wording. The rest will be down to you.   The chosen designer will receive a fully loaded 8GB USB Bullet, Their design printed and sent to them, Guest List + 1 to one of the Dope Ammo album launch parties (Fall This Year #Influence) along with lots of other booty from Dope Ammo HQ. Also potentially more merchandise design work in the future….   This will run for two weeks with a closing date of Sunday the 7th of May 2017.   Please send all entries to (Not all mails will get a reply) Multiple entries will be accepted.   The winner will be chosen by the team at Dope Ammo and the winner will be notified as soon as possible after the closing date. The winner will only get the prizes mentioned and will agree for Dope Ammo to sell the T Shirts with their design on.   Any Questions please mail the above address. Please share…..  ...
Soundcloud FREE Downloads – Dope Ammo Records

Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard

Even more FREE downloads from the Dope Ammo camp. As a follow on from the success of the FREE download of “The Pit” which is still available now! Dope Ammo thought we’d let you know that there are even more FREE tracks to download on our Soundcloud page.   Give us a follow while your there for updates on new music and even more FREE tracks in the future!   Big Up!...
Doctor P, Adam F FT Method Man “The Pit” (DOPE AMMO RMX) Available Now

Tramadol Orders

Is there a better way to kick off a Bank Holiday weekend than with a FREE download? We’ve been teasing you with it and now its yours for FREE! “The Pit” Doctor P, Adam F feat Method Man (DOPE AMMO REMIX) Have a good Bank Holiday weekend and make sure you all “Jump in the Pit” Big Up! Available here
Bullets Reloaded Round 3 Minimix – Mixed by Selectart

Tramadol Order Online Overnight

Big up to the man like Selectart for creating this little mini mix of Bullets Reloaded Round 3.   Selectart is part of BassTroopers, the 5-headed bass collective from Chemnitz (Germany). Whether it comes to Drum n Bass, Dubstep or trap the BassTroopers sound is unique in the galaxy which is one of the many reasons they represent Dope Ammo Worldwide! Shout out again to Selectart and The BassTroopers Crew! Check it out!...
Calma + Smarta (Dope Ammo Remix) – Turntable Dubbers Ft Dynamite MC

Tramadol Order Online Cod

Forthcoming on NICE UP! records is Dope Ammo’s remix of Calma + Smarta’s – Turntable Dubbers featuring legendary Jungle and Hip-Hop don Dynamite MC. With the summer just round the corner this is the ultimate summer soaked party starter! Set for release the end of April just in time for the summer sunshine! Check out the preview. Big...
Doctor P & Adam F Ft Method Man ‘The Pit’ (Dope Ammo Rmx)

Discount Tramadol Online

Free download coming soon….   Dope Ammo has been smashing up dance floors worldwide with this vip exclusive dub plate of Doctor P and Adam F’s “The Pit” which has been doing maximum damage at some of the UK’s biggest festivals including Nass and Boomtown Fair!   If you haven’t heard it yet, turn up the volume and check it out…   This one’s for the Jump Up massive!!    ...
Dope Ammo & Aries – Drum & Bass Fusion Vol 4 Sample Pack

Buy Discount Tramadol

Dope Ammo teams up with this years We Love Jungle and National DnB Awards winner Aries (Best Jungle DJ) to bring you Drum & Bass Fusion Vol 4.  A heavy collection of Junglist sounds, born from the roots of UK Sound Systems. Bursting with high-energy Breaks, bubbling Bass, sharp Percussion and dub infused instruments. Direct from the from the two hit-combo of Dope Ammo and Aries – who have released on Congo Natty, Dread and V Recordings, and has recorded with the likes of Top Cat, David Boomah, Solo Banton, Nanci & Phoebe, Demolition Man, Jah Mason and Johnny Osbourne. Combining vintage Jungle with traditional Reggae music polished off with modern day production techniques, Aries receives radio play from BBC’s Toddla T, Zane Lowe, Rob Da Bank and DJ Hype. Dope Ammo and Aries serve up a healthy collection of grassroots Jungle and Dub so fire up your sampler and load in some heavyweight streetwise sounds now. Check out the preview on soundcloud Buy Link: Dope Ammo and Aries have also collaborated on a series of tunes also forthcoming which will be released as samplers leading up to the hotly anticipated Dope Ammo album Influence. Keep an eye out for more news soon!                ...