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“STIR IT UP” Out Now

Tramadol India Online

Another week another new single…as we continue to build the hype to the forthcoming Dope Ammo album “INFLUENCE” This time its Latin, cuban DnB party vibez…….Lets ”STIR IT UP” !!! Now available to download and stream from your desired source and from our online store. Download & Stream Link: DOPE AMMO...
OUT NOW!!!!!      “OLDTIMES” Dope Ammo & Broomers Ft Martin Carr

Tramadol Mastercard Fedex

“Lets take it back to the Oldtimes” The new single “OLDTIMES” Ft. Martin Carr taken from the forthcoming Dope Ammo album “INFLUENCE” is now available to download and stream from your desired source! Check it out DA “OLDTIMES” Dope Ammo & Broomers ft Martin...
“IM GOOD” – Released this Friday

Cheap Tramadol Mastercard

After the massive success of the first single “Wishin’ On A Star” taken from Dope Ammo’s forthcoming album “INFLUENCE” Dope Ammo is back with the next big summer hit! “IM GOOD” features the incredible vocals from house music legend Kathy Brown alongside US rapper Wyld Child !! Out on full release tomorrow from all good digital download stores including the DA Shop! Check out the videos again and get your copy tomorrow!
The summer party and festival season is here!!

Tramadol Pay With Mastercard

Dope Ammo is back pon de road with a brand new album and a box full of exclusive Dubz! This Saturday DA will be celebrating the release of his new Single “I’M GOOD” locally in his home town of Banbury for Riggamortiz Sounds accompanied by a very special surprise guest so don’t miss this! Check out the event here Then on Sunday DA will be tearing up Wales at the mighty Balter Festival for “The Sunday Soundclash” Rumble in the Jungle vs Tremor Soundsystem Check out the event here

Tramadol Order Cod

A big shout going out to the crew over at for featuring Bullets Remixed Round 1 (New Blood) on their blog!   Go have a read here Available to buy now just click buy now below BUY NOW...
Bullets Remixed Round 1

Tramadol Order Uk

After the massive success of the Bullets Reloaded series Dope Ammo Records are back with “Bullets Remixed” Vol 1 !!   This time giving fresh new blood the opportunity to remix some DA classics with a whole new twist !!   Featuring remixes from Certified, Cue & Ly Da Buddah, Isaac Maya and AudioMission. Check out the preview below. Released Friday 27th of April 2018...
Another Planet 2.0 Mix from Selectart (Dope Ammo Worldwide & Basstroopers)

Tramadol Europe Buy

Selectart, the head of the basstroopers, has been pushing the bass through the scene for the last 6 years throughout Germany, including Nuremberg, Erfurt, Chemnitz, Dresden and even to Ostrava (CZ) 4 years ago Selectart and Refresh founded the Basstroopers who also 2016 became part of the Dope Ammo WorldWide Crew. He has played alongside many artists including Dope Ammo, Vacuum, Hypoxia, Shrust, Steampunk, Bio and Drop Database. Whether it be JumpUp, Neurofunk, Jungle or Powerliquid everything finds its rightful place in the set of Selectart. With his self-created mashups, he always has a suprise up his sleeve for the ravers who witness his sets! Featuring 56 Tracks from artists including Document One / DC Breaks / Rene LaVice / Teddy Killerz / Annix / Friction / Dominator / Camo & Krooked / Akov / TC / Gydra / Dimension / Delta Heavy / Dope Ammo and many more Compiled and mixed by Selectart (Basstroopers / DopeAmmo WorldWide) Follow the links below and have a listen! May The Bass Be With You!